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Decken Serie 930

Deckenlampe mit Blatt in Bernstein K

Code: sy-930/95D-GR.A

Glas-finish: Amber K

Lights Zahl: 8

Discontinued product


(Cm) Durchmesser 95, Höhe 34

Lights Zahl

8 (MAX 60 Watt)



Ingress Protection Rating


Product support


Kristall Deckenleuchte mit Bernstein graniglia, goldenen Metall-Finish.
Artikel des Lichts, das von speziellen Formen hergestellt schaffen wenigen modularen Elementen.
Fachmännisch die gleiche Platzierung Sie werden die suggestive Formen der Natur erhalten, die jeden Blick faszinieren, um dieses Produkt nicht lackiert, sondern bunte heiße Guss

Luxuriöse Decke von mehr Blätter zusammengesetzt, erhältlich in verschiedenen Farben mit Oberflächen von Metall in Gold oder Weiß.


The item must be produced, See production time

Manufacturer certifications

Gestione ambientale ISO 14001:2004 Ente italiano di accreditamento Certificato 100% made in Italy Istituto per la tutela dei produttori Italiani Registro nazionale produttori italiani



Kunden Meinung zu diesem Artikel

Review by: Marc Guihard, France, 17.06.2016

Product Rating:


bonjour MR CARRARA je viens de recevoir la piece detaché de mon lustre et je suis content car la piece est strictement identique l emballage est super protégé , franchement rien a redire sinon merci

Customer update: bonjour MR CARRARA je viens de recevoir la piece détachée de mon lustre et c est parfait la piece est conforme a l originale , l emballage plus que securisé , rien a redire sinon merci

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Review by: Louloudia Kapsali, Greece, 15.03.2016

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thanks a lot -fast shipping

Review by: Charles Foster, Canada, 15.10.2015

Product Rating:


We ordered two wall lights over the internet from Canada. Upon unpacking my order, I discovered one small part was broken. I compounded my problems by breaking another part as a result of my incorrect assembly / installation technique. Upon enquiring about purchasing replacement parts, Muranoglass promptly responded and sent me replacements for both parts at no cost to me! What a wonderful surprise and excellent customer service. I can't say enough about how pleased my wife and I are with both our lights and Muranoglass's customer service. We knew the types of lights we wanted and, believe it or not, waited over 20 years to find them. We couldn't be happier. We wholeheartedly recommend Muranoglass.

Review by: Dusan Ljubinac, Germany, 29.04.2015

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Super Service! Wunderschöne Deckenlampe macht jeden Raum zum Schloss! Wir sind einfach nur begeistert!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Sterne ohne Worte!!!!

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Review by: Benedict Noble, Singapore, 03.03.2012

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Dear Murano Glass I bought a Murano Ceiling lamp with crystal graniglia leaves and the whole process was professionally handled by the Murano team. It is a great design product such that I was able to install it myself. Mr Carrara provided good technical support and advice along the way. The thrilling part came when I turned on the switch and the illumination from the graniglia crystals beautified the whole hall area. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The price is fantastic too and the made in Italy quality is really good value for money.

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